Here’s a list of selected credits for jobs I’ve worked on:

Bear and Gareth Southgate.jpg

Director - Bear’s Mission With… Gareth Southgate for ITV1

UK version of Bear Grylls’ hugely successful NBC ‘Running Wild’ Format. We took England Manager, Gareth Southgate to the Royal Marines training ground in Dartmoor National Park for an ITV1 primetime special.

Production Company: Betty

Warwick Davies and bear Grylls mission with.jpeg

Director - Bear’s Mission With…Warwick Davies for ITV1

UK version of Bear Grylls’ NBC ‘Running Wild’ Format. We took actor and celebrity Warwick Davis on a journey across the wilds of the Lake District for an ITV 1 primetime special.

Production Company: Betty


Executive Producer - ‘The Adventure Effect’ for Youth Hostel Association and Cubo Agency

The Adventure Effect was a social experiment, presented as a mini documentary which we shot on location in the Lake District. If adventure is so important, what happens when you take it away? And what happens when you give it to those who’ve been missing out?

We placed a shipping container in the wilderness, transformed it into a lab and rigged it as a live multi-camera studio. Then for three days, we confined professional adventurer Alistair Humphreys inside it and asked him to complete a series of dull ‘non-adventures’. Meanwhile, we gave a group of children their first weekend of eye-opening activities that included white water canyoning. For both parties, it was life-changing in very different ways.

Production Company: Full Tilt Films. Client: Youth Hostel Association and Cubo Agency


Series Director - Digital Content for UNICEF and World Wildlife Fund

UNICEF: Digital shorts about a British child’s visit to a UNICEF water aid project in rural Lesotho.
WILD WILDLIFE FUND: A virtual studio show about climate change.
GLOBAL TEACHERS AWARDS: 10 digital films about exceptional teachers in locations that included the Middle East and the Philippines.

Production Company: Fresh Start Media

Escape Ep1 02.jpg

Location Series Producer - Escape - Channel 4

'Escape' a primetime Engineering and Adventure series fronted by Ant Middleton. I set up feature film scale ‘crash’ sites in 5 extreme locations from Central American deserts and jungle to nordic glacier. Oversaw direction and story producing on location. 

Production Company: Maverick TV


Director - Bear’s Mission with Rob Brydon for ITV1

UK version of Bear Grylls’ hugely successful NBC ‘Running Wild’ Format. We took comedian Rob Brydon across Snowdonia.

Production Company: Betty

Nick China.jpg

Series Producer - Absolute Wild China for Discovery Channel Asia

Spin off of the hit US, NBC series 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'. In this version for the Shanghai Media Group, we take Chinese superstars into the wilds of China and America to experience a once in a lifetime journey with Bear.

I managed the relationship with our Chinese clients and oversaw the editorial and logistics for each episode. Ran operations in remote and challenging locations, including mountain ranges in Tibet and the deserts of Western America and directed all 10 x episodes.

Production Company: Betty and the Shanghai Media Group

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Series Producer - Trailblazers for Discovery Channel

A global adventure show, for Discovery US, that follows a group of elite expedition leaders who take scientific missions into the world’s toughest, hard to reach locations. I oversaw the series development, casting and then managed 3 x foreign shoots in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, an active Volcano in Ecuador and an expedition along the Bolivian Amazon.

Production Company: October Films


Director - Wildfires; Into the Inferno for BBC2

Two part documentary about the science of Wildfires. Filming on location in America and Australia with presenters Simon Reeve and Kate Humble.

Production Company: Dragonfly

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Series Director - Car Vs Wild for The Discovery Channel

I directed 2x seasons of Discovery Channel’s hybrid car and survival series. We took a 4x4 across jungles in Mexico, Chilean volcanoes and the Atacama desert.

Production Company: Dragonfly


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